Settlers of Catan: World Championship Trophy


In early spring of 2016 I was approach by Catan North America to design and fabricate the trophy that would be the ultimate prize for their bi-annual World Tournament.  Every other year, the best Catan players in the world compete to take home this golden chalice that marks them as the undisputed champion.  

The trophy is a amalgamation of the various items found in the game and includes representations of the brick, wood, stone, and wheat resource tiles.  The embossed vista on the cup facing is modeled after the 5th generation box art.  Inscribed inside the rim of the chalice is the tag line of the game - "Build, Trade, Settle."  Embedded in the basin of the cup is a custom medallion noting the city and year of the tournament. 2016's championship was held in Durango Colorado and includes an embossed motif of the Rocky Mountains. 

Eric Jarman