Call of Duty: World League 2019


In late 2018, the team from the Call of Duty: World League approached us to help design and fabricate trophies for their upcoming year of tournaments.

After a few quick rounds of design edits to an in-house concept, we settled in on a quadruple helix spire that supported a crystal globe of the world. The spires are quicksilver chromed and have a gold accenting stripe running along the edges of the spirals to mimic the color palette of the CWL logo.

The base is solid cast resin with a laser cut felt base and socketing pins for the emblem and tournament city badges. The logo crest and city name are cold-cast resin. Before assembly they are buffed to a brilliant polished aluminum shine to mimic the look of a true metal piece.

This was a fairly quick project to speed through production, taking barely 30 days from concept sketch to final deliverable.

Over the next year we created an additional 7 units for the winners of the various other tournaments in the series. Each received a custom name badge with the date and city name emblazoned across the front.

Eric Jarman