Halo World Championship 2018


Late in the Spring of 2018 the team from Halo brought us onboard to fabricate their World Championship trophy. This was an insanely fast turn-around project but we were supplied with some of the best reference art that we’ve ever had for a build. After a blistering 21 days of CAD design, 3d-printing, and mold-making, I hopped on the last flight to Seattle and hand delivered this trophy. The blood, sweat, and tears that went into this were worth it as the photos captured at the event are some of my absolute favorites.

The assembly of this piece was broken down into three major sections - base, columns, and cup. After standard molding and casting of the 3d printed parts, the components were assembled and given a high shine metallic chrome finish.

Because of the larger than life nature of this chalice type trophy, the solid resin castings weighed in at a whopping 34 pounds. It’s always nice to see that visceral reaction when the winning team hoists their prize at the awards ceremony.

Eric Jarman