X-men: Gambit's Cuirass


For Dragoncon 2016 I picked up a private commission for a friend which involved expanding our material library and painting techniques.  After taking measurements and sculpting the base form in Monster Clay, we produced an epoxy and fiberglass mold in which to cast a flexible urethane skin.  Painting this skin involved suspending Createx pearlescent pigments in a water-clear urethane carrier so that our paint would adhere to the surface and stay there throughout the abuse it was bout to take at a convention.  After a final clear coat to seal the piece, we added a series of industrial grade velcro straps to the back and affixed it to a base shirt. 

For accessories, we designed and laser cut a set of acrylic playing cards that lit up when the holder activated a pressure sensitive switch.   

For a project that utilized so many new products, the path from concept to finished product was a surprisingly smooth one.  The client was happy and we added a few new tricks to our toolbag.